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The Dog.com Community Has Launched

I recently had the chance to do some consulting on a project which has finally launched, so I just wanted to share the results.

PetsUnited, LLC asked me to evaluate what a Web 2.0 community could look like for their user base. They had customers using their e-commerce shopping site, but also users in an existing group of forums.

After a survey of their competition, of other pet-owner communities, and a look at their current codebase and technologies, I gave them a report. That lead to helping them find a shop that could build the proposed community on their platform of choice.

From there I stepped out, as another group did the building. Now the community has launched, and while it doesn’t have all the features originally planned, I think it is a great 1.0 and will hopefully grow.

So, check it out, whether your a pet owner or not: http://community.dog.com/.