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‘sdkDirectory Must Be Provided’ When Switching to Brew for Dart

I recently made the switch to installing dart on my mac via brew, as is now the recommended way from Google. I am also working with AngularDart but I am sure some other actions in Dart will probably suffer from the same problem.

Namely, that when installed from the previous package from Google, I had indeed set DART_SDK in my bash profile. I then removed it when getting ready to install from brew. I did not re-add it once I had installed from brew.

You can do that (add it back to your bash profile), but you can also just specify it in pubspec.yaml. For example, for Angular:

- angular:
    dart_sdk: "/usr/local/opt/dart/libexec"

Note that is the default directory to use as the path to the SDK for the brew install. You can see that with a brew info dart.